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Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton IslamdNova Scotia is renowned worldwide for its unique animal and plant life. This is especially true of Cape Breton Island which was recently crowned as the 3rd most beautiful island in the world by the American magazine “Travel + Leisure”. This puts Cape Breton ahead of the famous Maldives’ Islands. This, among other features, has led to many Canadians referring to Cape Breton Island as “Canada’s Masterpiece”. The best way to fully enjoy Cape Breton’s wildlife and natural beauty is by hiking along the many trails or by driving along the numerous “Scenic Drives”. Intact nature can be found not only in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, or around the southern lakes, but just about wherever one might travel on the island.

Animals on Cape Breton Island

The numerous Bald Eagles, Moose, and Deer are testament to the intact natureAnimals on Cape Breton island on the island. Hiking along one of the many trails on the Cabot Trail is the perfect way to catch a glimpse of a moose. Coyotes and Black bears are indigenous to Cape Breton, but due to them being naturally very shy, seeing one might be difficult. Depending on the seasons, Puffins, Canadian Geese, Hummingbirds, and Kingfisher can be seen. Visitors can watch Whales and schools of Dolphins off the coasts of Cape Breton. During fall, countless Bald Eagles, Seals, Cranes and Seagulls can be seen catching fish along the Canso Causeway. Many species of fish, such as Salmon, Trout, and Mackerels are abundant in the lakes and rivers of Cape Breton.

Flora on Cape Breton Island

Flora on Cape BretonFall on Cape Breton Island is a spectacle of colors due to the various kinds of Maple trees and others changing color throughout the season. The colors range from bright yellow (Birch), to strong orange (Lark), all the way to a shining red from all the Maple trees. Not outdone by the colorful display of the trees, the flowers on Cape Breton are up to par with the season. Many flowers, such as Lupines, are found on the side of roads. During the summer months, and especially during the fall season, many different species of mushrooms are spurting out of the ground, wild Apple trees are heavy with fruit, and wild berries are abundant. Nature lovers and people who are just looking for peace and quiet will not be disappointed with what Cape Breton has to offer.

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